Time management and priorities-

Setting out on this new chapter of life two years ago, it was easy to plan ahead with vision and hope of what the future would bring. The idea of maintaining Trained by Cain as it morphed into this hiking, trail runing, personal training hybrid experiment while managing all social media outlets has turned into a juxtaposition of gratitude and hyperextension. In other words I do just fine with the “go” and not so great with the “show”. Websites turned into Facebook, Facebook to Instagram, and now Instagram to Tiktok. The problem is they all have a unique reach and audiences. So here I am back to where it all started in the basic blog. A place where I can let my lack of interest in public education of my youth shine and talk about being outdoors.

Will use upcoming post to break down the specifics of the adventures I have gone on with clients, friends, and my solo outings. In the meantime let me bring the blog up to speed with some current metrics that are based on when I shut the studio doors 3/23/2020.

Hiking streak – 3/23/2020 – 3/18/2020 – 725 hikes, doesn’t include multiple hikes in one day.

Number of parks, trails, national forest, wildlife management areas – 108

Miles? It’s hard to say, I shifted focus to steps years ago with a goal that has gone from 14,000 per day in early 2019 to averaging around 40,000 per day currently. Funny to look back to when 1 million steps was a p.r.

Look forward to shifting focus away from social media and getting the trail jounal up to date. If you like trail candy in 30-60 second bites, check me out at Tiktoc @ Ricky_Cain

Happy Trails!

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